This page contains several related derivations of special relativity (SR), which basically boils down to the justification of the claim that physical laws concerning space and time are invariant under the Lorentz transformations.

As usual for Scientifica, we're not trying to teach this topic; we're trying to summarize it's epistemological foundations. (However, we do include some basic sources at the end.)

Four derivationsEdit

Four closely related derivations are described below. Their postulated are grounded in (2) light rays (this historical route Einstein took), (b) Maxwell's equations, (c) group theory, and (d) de Broglie waves.

Light raysEdit

From group theoryEdit

SR resourcesEdit

Obviously, there are a million places for learning SR. The best usually use it as a platform to introduce the geometric object needed from GR, such as the excellent "A First Course in General Relativity" by Bernard F. Schutz and the GR course notes by Sean Carroll. For other online resources see the "references" and "further reading" sections of the wikipedia pages Special Relativity and Introduction to Special Relativity